See what our families have to say about our classes!!!


"My Daughter Carolina loves the class. She giggles during all the dances and she is learning a lot!" - Diana Koether

"We have known Mary for six years now, when my eldest child first started Kindermusik at the age of 16 months. I signed up my children in her classes, semester after semester. They always enjoyed it, and were always too eager for the next class to come around again. My eldest graduated from the Young Child program this past May, and my youngest is just about to start it. All of us, including myself, have enjoyed the songs and dances, and the Young Child program has been very educational. I highly recommend Kindermusik at Musical Steps." - Roula Khawam

"Mary is excellent at what she does! We started when my daughter was 9 months old and nearly a year later we both still love it! The music is great and I love that the CD tracks have a variety of fast and slow as well as new and familiar songs. Most of all, I love that the songs are from all around the world. My daughter loves dancing, playing with new instruments, and having fun with friends in class. I enjoy it just as much! Mary is very caring and has a gift for working with children. I'm so glad we found Kindermusik with Mary- it is our favorite kid activity!" - Megan Fraser 

"I am so glad we discovered this exciting, educational and interactive program. Mary is an exceptional instructor, whose kind and nurturing demeanor inspires confidence and love of music in her young students. We look forward to many more years of Kindermusik and highly recommend it to anyone and everyone!" - Karen Boerup

"Kindermusik is a wonderful program! As a music educator myself, I see the steps taken in class to ensure a life-long enjoyment of music. The CD's my children get with every class are high quality with catchy music that ties in to the class theme and keeps them singing along. We drive 40 minutes one way for these classes and have been doing so for 5 years now." - Allie Berryman

"I've had three kids in Mary's Kindermusik programs. They have loved it at every age. My youngest is starting the Young Child program this year and is so excited to learn notes, songs, and instruments like her older siblings did. Thanks Mary, for so many awesome years." - Kris Post 

"A friend recommended Kindermusik to me so I took my grand daughter to Mary's class. Mavis was 15 months old and her parents and I wanted her to interact with other children her age. Mavis was shy in the beginning but Mary and her program really made it so enjoyable and warm for both of us. Mary gave us a cd of the songs she sings so when Mavis and I are out and about we play the songs and have so much fun with them. I highly recommend this program. All the children love it and Mavis has really come to life with the songs and exercises Mary has them doing." - Jayne Henninger

"My 6 year old daughter and my 18 month old son took the program this year. I've been so impressed by how creative and capturing the music and program is for the different ages. Kindermusik truly teaches age-appropriate music skills and both children have come away enriched and eager to learn more. My daughter has learned to read notes and rhythms on a staff, play three new instruments (the dulcimer, recorder and glockenspiel) learned music, stories and dances from all around the world and most importantly has loved every minute of it. She is already reading notes and teaching herself how to play the piano. She wants to play an instrument in the fall.

My son has learned high and low, loud and soft, how to keep a rhythm, how to play different instruments, and has had important social and mommy and me interactions. He loves to listen and move to music of all kinds. The CDs used in the class are listened to in the car again and again. Mary's years of experience, her obvious love for the music and program, her enthusiastic attitude, and love for the children has made Kindermusik a wonderful and fulfilling experience for us all." - Andrea Allen

 "My son (now 7 years old) absolutely loves Kindermusik with Mary. Not only has Kindermusik provided him with asocial outlet via music, but it has also motivated and prepared him for formal piano lessons. Through dances, musical stored, hands-on time with instruments, music fundamentals (reading notes, experiencing rhythm and organizational skill practice, Music Mary takes it to the top with her teaching elegance and pure kindness. As an ex-elementary teacher, I admire her teaching philosophy that encompasses a hands-on approach that is FUN. The atmosphere is always very positive and happy, and each session has a unique theme which the children LOVE.

The baby/toddler/pre-K classes are AMAZING to say the least. To watch a 1 yr old pick up a mallet and begin to play basic rhythm patterns on a drum is simply beautiful. This program is a great supplement to home-schooling as well. Each class comes with a Cd and an instrument which is an essential part of the experience. My son and I listen to the songs in the car, and whenever Music Mary starts a new song in class his face lights up because he knows it. It builds his self-confidence, and it makes this mom extremely happy! " -Suzan Sealy